Nicole Powers Shattuck

I have been in the health and wellness industry since 1998 when I started coaching at my alma mater high school. I have always been an athlete, starting with soccer at age 5, softball at 8, three varsity sports in high school, and collegiate lacrosse. In 1996, I developed some serious knee issues and was forced to stop playing soccer and softball. I put on weight, became slower, had less energy and didn’t feel good about myself. After playing lacrosse in college I found with the right training program, I could feel and perform like an athlete again. I began lifting weights in 1999 when I started coaching and found I truly loved the way it made me feel, both physically and mentally. I started taking nutrition classes, eating clean and I lost almost 50 pounds. I was the leanest I had ever been. I love to constantly challenge myself, both mentally and physically. I recently started playing coed soccer again and began training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2014 and was promoted to Blue Belt in 2015 and won my first World Championship in 2016. I am constantly reading and taking classes in my field to stay on top of new information and techniques to give my clients the best edge possible. I believe that keeping fitness as a top priority in my life has kept me on track both personally and professionally. It keeps my mind clear and focus positive. These basic concepts have made me the trainer I am today and given my clients results they only dreamed. A body in motion stays in motion – we will lift, pull, push, get up, get down, climb, have fun and do it all over again. I design programs based on your needs, wants, and what is going to get you sweaty and smiling.
We will train for life.

Owner Committed Fitness, Personal and Small Group Fitness Studio 2012-2018
Personal and Small Group Fitness Coach, Weight Loss Director 2008-2012
Health Club Manager 2006- 2009
Weight Loss Clinic Counselor and Manager 2001-2006
Cheerleading Coach 1998- 2000
Certifications and Training
NASM* Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Prenatal Specialist
NASM Certified Youth Specialist
Level 1 and Level 2 Training for Warriors Certified Instructor
Level 1 Battling Ropes Certified Instructor
CPR and First Aid Certified, Infant thru Adult
‚ÄčCertified ITP Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor