Free weights or Machines?

Free weights or machines? FREE WEIGHTS! Using machines is great for starters. Machines isolate your prime muscles so that the targeted muscle is the only muscle working. Free weights increase your range of motion, balance, strength, prime muscles, and all the muscles that assist the prime movers! With free weights you can train unilateral ( 1 limb at a time) and bilateral ( 2 limbs at the same time). Free weights allow you to build strength in the assisting muscles while working the larger muscle groups, in result, you will burn more calories and SWEAT more! You can get creative with free weights and allow for a total body workout. You will feel muscles you didn’t even know you had! For example, If your balance is poor, try working on your pistol squat vs. a back squat, or a single leg deadlift instead of a romanian deadlift! CHANGE IT UP! :)

-dee xo=