5 tips to stay on track this Holiday season!

With the holidays here it is easy to let your goals sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide….

Here are 5 quick tips to stay on track!

ENJOY the holidays, be present and move your body !

xooxo Coach Jen

5 Tips To Help You Stay On-Track This Holiday Season
Tip #1 – PLAN ahead! Plan your workouts and plan your meals!
Tip #2 – Learn How To Say No. You don’t have to say Yes to food offered!
Tip #3 – Don’t Deprive Yourself. Make sure you EAT!
Tip #4 – Meal Prep And Keep It Simple. Have food READY !
Tip #5 – Move More Throughout The Day. Go for a walk…MOVE MOVE MOVE!