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10 Healthy Grab And Go Snacks

In a perfect world we would all prep our meals and have 5-6 small complete meals daily but… that is not always reality. Here is a list of some healthy grab & go snacks! 10 Healthy Grab And Go Snacks Nut butter packets – many companies now make single-serve nut butter packets Celery & Carrots…

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December 18, 2020

One-Pot Thai Noodles and Chicken

Ok, so if you haven’t tried miracle noodles (just google them), you are seriously missing out!!! Check out this recipe I made, my whole family loved it! Enjoy! xo Jen P.S…. Make sure you rinse them well. And don’t skip this step! Since they are a natural root they do have a weird smell but…

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December 11, 2020

Turkey Meatballs

I love me a good easy turkey meatball recipe!  These meatballs are so delicious AND they were on my food prep for the past week! I love recipes that are not only really amazing for our bodies, but food that our kids will also love too! This definitely makes dinner time so much easier! Enjoy!…

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December 4, 2020